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High Definition Television or HDTV is a revolutionary new technology that brings life-like television pictures into your home.  Using digital technology, wide screen pictures are displayed on big-screen or regular sized screens in bright, stunning color.  The viewing experience is further enriched by crystal clear surround sound, especially when the HDTV set is connected to a Home Theatre System.

HDTV broadcasts are now available throughout the USA, Canada, Australia and Japan and will soon be available in Europe. The price of high definition television TV sets has plummeted as new HDTV vendors have entered the marketplace.  HDTV broadcasts are becoming widely available in many parts of the world.

There are a number of HDTV technologies available.  They include Plasma Televisions, LCD TVs, DLP Televisions, Projection TVs as well as the conventional CRT televisions.  Although some high definition television sets come equipped with HDTV tuners, HDTV Ready Television Sets are sold without tuners and require a satellite or cable receiver to receive HDTV broadcasts.

This website provides an overview of High Definition technologies and compares the HDTV technologies that are currently popular.  It points out the advantages and disadvantages of each technology type. 

Before spending thousands of dollars on a HDTV system, take the time to browse our site.  The information will help ensure that you have the HDTV consumer information needed before purchasing an expensive HDTV television set.




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